Reframing Design Education
Reframing Design Education

Senior Design Consultant who operates among businesses and higher education. Specialties: Design Research (UX), Service Design, Creative Direction, Communication Design, Design Education, Design Thinking.

Upcoming Conferences

SIGGRAPH ASIA, 10' edition, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2017   


Latest Conferences

Consciousness Reframed XX, DeTao Master,
Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, China, November 2017

Balance Unbalance 2017 – A Sense of Place
[Arts + Sciences x Technology = Environment / Responsibility]
August 2017, Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Interdisciplinary Conference Taboo - Trasgression - Transcendence in Art and Science,
May 2017, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece;  

Moderator at Italian Design Day, (BACC) Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, 
Bangkok, March 2nd, 2017; 

Consciousness Reframed XIX, Shanghai, November 2016;

Cumulus Hong Kong, November 2016
Track: Open Design for Ethnography;

22nd Insternational Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2016 Hong Kong, May 2016;

Creative Mornings, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2016;

ASCIM 2016, Asian Symposium on Creativity & Innovation Management, Bangkok , Thailand, Febraury 2016;

Consciousness Reframed 2015, The Matter Of The Immaterial- A Technoetic Tribunal, Shanghai, China, November 2015;

PetchaKucha Bangkok, 2015, October 2015;

Design Literacy Forum II: Culture Pulse in Architecture & Design, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2015;

Ninth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Chicago, US, March 2015;

Research Round-Table Most Post Human, Milan - Trento, Italy, April 2013–April 2014.


Invited Designer

Secret Keeper, costume designer for a physical theatre perfomance at Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand 2014;

Survival Games, production designer and art direction, B-Floor with Wellcome Collection, Wellcome Trust, Bangkok 2013;

TuPlay product 8&1/2 a light and shadow table game, at Fonderia Napolenica, Milan, Italy 2010;

100 and + Ceramic Tiles for Paradise, Milan Design Week, Italy 2008;

Il Mosnel ‘Questione di Etichetta’, product: graphic design for a wine label Milan Design Week, Italy 2008;

AD!DICT Chocolate Design, Expo Kortrijk, Belgium 2007;

AD!DICT ChocolateLab 2.0, Conceptual product: of ‘Choco Elisir’ Milan Design Week, Italy 2007;

16 Designer for Invicta, product: ‘Criss Cross’ bag Milan Design Week, Italy 2007;

That’s Design, Milan Design Week, Italy 2007;

MilanoSoundesign, product: ‘Alarmi Lamp’, Milan Design Week, Italy 2006;

Sottospirito, product: ‘Baciami Ice Lolly Stick’ for del Biondo s.r.l. Milan Design Week, Italy 2006;

Universal House!, Milan Design Week, Italy 2006;

Milano Oblique, Macef, Milan Trade Fair, Italy 2006;

Garofoli Handles, Concept design at Workshop Garofoli, Ancona, Italy 2006;

I Designer delle Marche, Milan Design Week, Italy 2005.


Re Seed, Winner Practitioner - Researcher 2013
start-up in residence (scientific incubator) with Università di Udine, Friuli Innovazione, Scuola Internazionale di Studi Superiori Avanzati-SISSA and Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Opos ‘Trasformer’, Winner Designer 2006
with ‘Calendar Today: A Different Today for A Better Tomorrow’ Milan Design Week, Italy.

Mini Design Award 2006
Invited Designer with the project: ‘O.Maggio’, at Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy.